Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Foods Battle !!!

Yesterday evening when after work, some of my collegues & I went to Bedok North Market Food Centre for dinner. Lucky we went there early, there's not much people yet, so we can get a table easily. After that some of us take turn to order some food seperately. I walked through nearly all foodstall there, still can't decide what to eat... It's quite a headace for me. Those Spicy Food like Nasi Bryani or Laksa etc, I not dare to eat because I scared I might sweat like just coming out from saunna. While Those Seafood pulak like Ikan Bakar, Pepper Crab or Tiger Prawn... I cannot eat due to I might get allergy... end up just only can choose Chicken & Babi (Pork) nia... very sien...

Suddenly, my eye getting brighter when I found there is a Penang Foods stall infront. YES!!! Thats is what in want, so poor I missed penang food badly... Without any delay, I quickly rush over to take a look on the menu... Of course there's got selling Penang well known [Char Koey Teow] & also some popular [Penang Laksa], [Curry Mee], [Hokkien Mee] & [Wantan Mee]... I am so excited and almost drooling when I look at those... haha :)

So I ordered [Char Koey Teow] & [Wantan Mee] for my dinner... While waiting for my food, I got chance sembang with the Taukeh there. This hawker stall was run by a middle aged couple. The Taukeh Soh was actually Born & staying at Penang for more than 20 years before married to Singapore. Due to a car accident occured few years ago, Her husband (Taukeh) injured seriously, Lucky his condition getting better now, but he had lose his job during the period he staying in Hospital. So they no choise & decided try to run a small bussines as a hawker... I feel so sorry when listen to thier unfortunate incident. Beside that my heart feel so warm & nice, because that Taukeh Soh chat with me by using our most familiar Penang Hokkien dialect, I enjoy very much chatting with them.

Mean while, My foods was ready, I get back to my seat & start enjoy my long waited Penang Delights... hehe :p While we're eating half way, one of my S'prean collegue started asking me a stupid question: "Penang Food & Local (S'pore) Food, which one is nicer?" ALAMAK!!! Of course is Penang Food lar... He asked why? I refused to answer him and ask him to read my blog tomorrow, then he'll know why...

So now, Get ready for the Foods Battle?

Round 1
[Penang Char Koey Teow] vs [S'pore Char Koey Teow]

Penang Char Koey Teow:
- I give **** (4 out of 5 stars)
- Plain Koey Teow fried together with LapChiong (Chinese Sausage), Pork oil, eggs, Taugeh, Soy sauce & "Harm" (ang moh called what ah?).
- Taste salty & Dried...
- One word to describe: SHIOK!

Singapore Char Koey Teow:
- I give minus **** (very terrible)
- Using Koey Teow mix with Yellow Mee fried together with bunch of Pork oil, eggs, vegetable (Chai Sim), Sweet soy sauce & "Harm".
- Taste Sweet, weird, Oily & wet (Nua Kor Kor like Sh*t)...
- One word to describe: YUCKS!!!

Round 2
[Penang Hokkien Mee] vs [S'pore Hokkien Mee]

Penang Hokkien Mee:
- I give ***
- You can choose either Yellow Mee or Beehoon, Served with Spicy Prawn Soup & topped with boiled eggs, Taugeh, porks, prawns, "Eng Chai" & some "Eu Chang"...
- Taste unique with fresh prawn soup, a bit spicy yet can taste some sweetnest...
- Two words to describe: Hor Liao!

S'pore Hokkien Mee:
- I give *
- A mixture of Yellow Mee with "Laksa Hoon", fried together with eggs, "Sotong", "Prawn", Fish Cake, "Koo Chai" & Prawn water...
- Taste more like a seafood fantasy, I can't even how to describe, maybe you had to try it then you'll know...
- Two words to describe: So So!

Bonus [KL Hokkien Mee aka "Dai Lok Mean"]:
- I give **
- Plain Yellow Mee fried with fresh sliced mushrooms, cabagge, Fish cakes, Sliced Porks & Dark soy sauce...
- Taste a bit salty & juicy. Pay more caution to your white shirt while eating this...
- Two words to describe: Not Bad!

Round 3
[Penang Asam Laksa] vs [S'pore Laksa]

Penang Asam Laksa:
- I give ***
- Original Rice Noodle (Laksa Hoon) served with freshly fish meat asam soup. Topped with sliced Pineapples, cucumbers, Bawang, Kantan flower & mints...
- Taste's good, Hot, sour, spicy... More fragrance if you added some Prawn sauce 'Hey Koh"...
- Three words to describe: Jin Jia Song!

Singapore Laksa:
- I give minus*
- Using same "Laksa Hoon" but served with thick curry soup, Inside got Taupok, Taugeh, cucumber, boiled eggs, "harm"...
- It's much like our Penang Curry Mee... just the curry soup lack of coconut milk. not really fragrance, I'm also curious why added "harm" in it?
- Three Words to describe: Kan Na Sai!

Final Round:
[Penang Wantan Mee] vs [Kuching Kolo Mee]

Penang Wantan Mee
- I give ****
- A handmade tiny noodle served with some pork oil, soy sauce & dark soy sauce. Topped with Sliced "Char Siew", "Chai Sim" & of cource "Wantan" (Mini Pork Dumpling).
- Must try this when you travel to Penang, a very nice & tasty cantonese delight...
- Four words to describe: Die Die Must Try!!!

Kuching Kolo Mee (sold in S'pore)
- I give ***
- A curly handmade noodle (much like Maggie Mee) also serve with some pork oil, soy sauce. Topped with Mixed Pork (Bak Chor), Sliced "Char Siew", Prawn..
- Overall not bad, tasty also, Can have a try...
- Four Words to describe: Si Peh Hor Chiak!!!


yam9972 said...

I want Wantan mee so badly..omg

Dragon said...

hmmmmmmmmm, i only can find wantan's comment in the one and only ang ku's blog.

ang ku, u will let the whole world lau nua.... wakakakakaka.

K3ViN said...

wah like tat aos can have Foods Battle haha..... ya i agree with darleng, u making whole world lau nua lor haha

Constance Chan said...

hahaha.. this blog is getting interesting..eh.

your next mission: poh pia, rojak, hor fan.. hehehe

K3ViN said...

comment with ur KL Hokkien Mee.... it no always called "Dai Lok Mee" cos u can use normal mee or Dai Lok Mee but 4 me i prefer Dai Look Mee lor cos klang ppl used 2 it lioa.... :P

Angie Leo said...

yummy yummy~~ penang food is the best~ nope.. is malaysia's food is the best~!! haha~

David (AKK) said...

I also like wantan mee very much...
Especially those rfied wantan... Gosh!

Dragon & Kevin,
Actually myself also lau nua, my stomach keep making noise while writing this post... Sendiri kena torture pula... :p

Taugeh, I had only eat once when I visit my brother house last few month... Actually there's lot yummy food in KL too :)

Ah Hoon,
Wah... Baru post nia got mission give me already ar... hehe :)
Dun worry, I'll try take those food Pics :)

Yes I agree... Your hometown there also got well known Bak Kut Teh... But I havent try leh... :)

Joze Foo said...

the sg char koey teow really geli lor....

David (AKK) said...


Haha... Really " Beh Hao Kor"

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