Saturday, February 16, 2008

Get Prepare for Chap Goh Meh

As you all know that we'll having another Valentine's celebration on coming "Chap Goh Meh" (the 15th day of CNY). The most popular activity on such romantic night was "Throwing Oranges"... This activity is mainly organised for those who haven't married or still single & available, may try your luck by write down your wishes onto orange, then throw it into river, it's believed will bring lucks & will start a relationship soonest.

If you have no ideal on what to write. Don't worry, AKK will teach you how to write in modern way by showing you some of below's samples:

Option 1: For "Girls" who really keen to seek for true love.

Option 2: For "Man" who are also wanna look for true love.

Option 3: For those who wanna do FREE advertising.

So what do you waiting for? Cepat - Cepat go & get an orange then write down your wish lar... enjoy :)


Joze Foo said...

hahhahahah...but Steven Lee...yucks..

Dragon said...

ang ku, u always so so so so so so funny!!! u can become a script writer leh..... ask jack neo to hire u. wakakaka.

K3ViN said...

wah what a nice idea... but guy should use apple wor... y use oren? haha

Headmaster~~~ said...

Your oranges message really laugh until I Par Lian Tau... ^^...
Anyway... Just to let you know that the lian lian blogspot really exist lar... ^^...

Kikey said...

haha.. u so creative, that why I like to read ur blog, will let ppl happy and laugh.. :)

Thank you so much! (^.^)

Taoju said...

AKK, which one will you throw leh? The one for man or the free ad one hahahahhaha.. nice description especially the lor koon one.

David (AKK) said...

Haha... then you may just "pijak" his oren lo...

Work with jack neo ar... that would be very pressurelize one wor... I also not reach that level yet lar... hehe :)

Apple "Mahal" mah... use "oren" better... you can simply use the left over oren in your house mah... then you can trow as many as you can without sakit hati lor...

Wah really ar?... you go to search the link one by one ar?... I just sukak sukak hantam saja lar... haha

not creative actually... It's suppose to call "Chao Akai"... just contribute some stupid jokes to make bring laughter to all of you nia... glad you all like it :)

jepunlauee said... time make some empty oranges for all of us to fill in our particulars also lah...kekek....

David (AKK) said...

Hmm... of cource I'll throw orange for free advertise to my Blog mah...

Bulog Name: Ang Ku Kueh Blog-Buster
Come come please visit to my crazy blog,
nomatter you are Cina, malay, keatlengkia,
siamkia, jitpunkia, Bangala or other races,
if you could understand with my languague,
Hurry hoop into the world of Gila Gila NOW!

Good idea, next time I'll help advertise all of my buddies blog here for FREE :)

Thanks for re-visiting to my blog :)

Unknown said...

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