Monday, October 22, 2007

Penang Tour - Part III

In my last post I had shared until the dessert house nearby New World Park. So now continue talk about my Penang Trip...

After finished our Dessert, Dragon & I decided to go to 9 Emperior temple nearby for some photo shooting. Surprisingly when I saw lots of vegetarien hawker stall loacted along the street just opposite the temple. Without any delay, I urge Dragon quickly take some photo outside the temple, so that I can continue for my food explorer... I'm curious whether am I a hungry ghost in my past life, who know? because I really can't controlled myself while seeing Foods... haha... Tam Jiak Gui.. :p

I was thingking that Taugeh will be reach PG late of the night, So I decided to buy some supper for him. There's is lots of vegetarien snack which I would like to try, got Pizza, Burger, Rojak & many more... Too bad that my stomach was already full, if not.... hahaha... hope I didn't scared up Dragon... haha :)

Since there is no idea on which place to go later on, so we Patah balik to Dragon's appartment first. Dragon started busy with his work, then I choose to watch my favourite Stephen Chow's old comedy... beside that we also got a chance to watch some fireworks from his balcony because It's Raya eve. After the finished the movie, Dragon's phone rang... Taugeh finally arrive at Butterworth. So we quickly moved towards Butterworth to fetch Taugeh. So poor of him had to traveled so many hours in coach, He's sure very tired then. In earlier, Dragon's even planning to scared Taugeh by ask him to watch a Thai horror movie called "The Shutter", but end up we're all really really tired, end up we go to sleep earlier.

The next day, we're all started to wake up after several alarm buzz from Dragon's mobile phone. Then Dragon fetch us to have some dim sum for our breakfast. There is always crowded with people at the Dim Sum house there. It's hard for us to get a seat. After a while, Taugeh found it then they started to get some order... yum yum... the Dim Sum there was very very nice, I'm also headache while my turn to get order, because there's really so many types to choose... what I like most was "Lor Mai Kai" & typical Hong Kong "Chee Chiong Fun". Beside that I had found that Taugeh also easily get sweat, same as mine, I easily get sweat when I eat food contains chilly & Pepper... so we both individual got some additional funny nickname, Taugeh was [Hot Detector], mean while mine is [ Chilly Detector]... haha :)

After Breakfast, Dragon fetch us to Gurney Plaza for some shopping of course. We had buy some books from Popular bookstore, mean while Taugeh busy with his mobile phone calls... Dragon cannot Tahan & ranked him as our Penang Hokkien certified PRs :)

Our next station will be back to New World Park again, we meet up with Ah Tox for lunch at Old Town kopitiam... I like the environment so much... the place fulled of nostalgic feel. When we reach there, already seen Ah Tox & his wife & also Hainamkepui siting there liao... Before our long chat, We decided to have some foods first since Ah Tox they are not having any breakfast yet.Dragon strongly recommend "See Mut Milk Tea" & "Thick Kaya Toast" to us... the taste is very unique... I like them. Then I order "Chu Qian Yi Ding" noodles sup which served with Egg + Ham. Dragon also like to eat instant noodles too... while Taugeh ordered "Indonesian Damn Hot Curry Rice" haha... I scared myself might sweat & get wet crazily so I didn't dare to try.

During our lunch session, one of the Listener called "Siao Kia" joined us later on. Beside that I'm also found Hainamkepui She's very quiet... very "Soo Boon"... maybe she feel "paiseh" due to we're first meet up in person afterall. Not like our Penang Hokkien "Dai Lou"... Online & Real person almost not much difference, Still very keen in "Kapsiao"... Lucky got him, His joke really bring us lots of Laugh & Fun...hehe :)

Well... Next post, I'll gonna share something regarding our Listener's gathering in Prai.

(Some photos courtesy from Taugeh & Dragon)


Dragon said...

hahaha, i'm the first one to leave comment again... yes, it's me!!! hahaha.

u write so detail hor.... but hor, u shd said we watched 1 1/2 movies before tau tau called. :)

hmmmm, when u took those gurney, QB, world of feng shui and popular photos? u took it with your hp? i didnt know u took it also.

K3ViN said...

wah really in details leh... so sorry 4 tat day.... i never tot i will late 4 almost 3 hour wor..... dont know what tat bus driver drive haiz....... Thanks AKK 4 ur supper... Errr.... dont say urself like tat lor... sometimes i cant control myself when come on food topic.... just like u lor.... if can i want to eat everything lor haha...... Haha.... Hot detector... yalor i very easy sweat lor..... Looking 4ward 4 ur prai gathering post :P what a nice post anywhere :P

Anonymous said...

Hi AKK... its nice to know that you writting your blog in english. Me is "ang mo sai" so i can only understand your blog in english. Else, i just enjoy the photos.
Anyway, glad to know that you had a nice trip in Penang. Too bad that i was not in Penang to show you around. Well, Dragon is a good host, he done it well.
Hope you visit Penang more often :)

David (AKK) said...

haha... You sit sofa again... Tiok Tao Peow liao... haha :)

Haha... Yes those photo I took using my HP, coz I sit behind you mah...I chin cai "luan-luan" snap one lar :p

No need to say sorry, its not your fault mah... I remember last time I took almost 20 hrs baru reach S'pore, coz bus spoilt half way... sigh!

Haha... finally see you comment in my blog liao... Welcome to my blog & hope you enjoy reading too... Do pardon me for my Lousy Ang Moh...

Well, Dragon indeed a good tour guide... I give him 99 out of 100.... hehe :p

Well, Dun worry, since you'll be going back to Penang for CNY next year, so probaly we'll meet up on our up coming Gathering loh... :)

Do take a gd care ok :)

Joze Foo said...

haih....AKK ...ya first time join you all...dunno wat to say...not good at socialising but do you have to bring it up.....anyway i am improving liao la ask dragon la... that day we meet up with laksa i got talk liao ma...

Dragon said...

hnkp, sure u got talk la.... u are not eh kao.... :D

Kimmy Suzuki said...

Wah!Nice pics lah!Good snap!
Akk,you look like tam chiak kui lah!!!hahaaa!!!

David (AKK) said...

Sorry Sorry... I write too detail liao... Paiseh. Not you only, I'm the one who also not very good in socialize with others... I believe we'll have more chat on our up coming gathering kua... hehe :)

Yes... indeed... wa si tam jiak kui... hehe :p