Monday, March 17, 2008

Greeting from Tai Nan

Dear Friends, I was safely in Taiwan recently... I was now in Tai Nan city. the weather here is very cooling & refreshing... it's abt 23 degree celcious, it's much like our air-cond temperature, so no need to wear jacket... I found that taiwan traffic was totally difference like what we see in Malaysia & Singapore, the traffic was in reverse way... When I cross the road also had a bit scared ler... The air condition in taiwan was totally not good... It's fully polluted & seems hazy. But what I like in Taiwan is their delicious foods... It's so yummy & you'll find it everywhere...
haha :)

My trip here in Tai Nan is mainly to observe the opening of Tai Nan DSF cafe. It was our sister company too... there got several branches worldwide & we'll open ours soon in Singapore.

Ok lah... I had to continue busy liao... we chat again next round... Let's enjoy some photos in Tai Nan City...

Prawn Cracker stall & Backstreet in Tainan

Soya Bean Stall & Old Style Dessert stall

Tainan Railway Station & Mango Dessert... Tapi not nice ler...

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Going Taiwan

Sorry guys for the late update of my blog, currently I was still in my Hometown - Kangar, It's not very convinience to update online coz my house has no internet connection... I just only able to online at a cybercafe in my kampung town area.

So long didn't hear from yours liao... wish all of you everything's fine & "Soon Soon Lee Lee" :)

Well... Just to update my status through my blog that I would be going to Taiwan Soonest. my flight schedule would be on 14th March... I'll be staying there probaly a month & It's mainly for my new job training... Hopefully I'm able to complete every task during these period...

So do pardon me for no any update of my blog from now onwards until I'm back to SG in middle April... However I'll try to update if I manage to online in Taiwan later... I'll sure post more photos on Taiwan best tourism spots & of course the FOOD photos :)

Stay in touch & all the best to all of you guys :)