Friday, April 25, 2008

Food & Hospitality Asia fair - FHA2008

Yesterday I had been visited to Expo for an exciting Food & Hospitality Asia Fair 2008 (FHA in short). There were many F&B exhibitor to promote their service & products... Lucky I'm there, I had gather lots of useful information which would help me a lot on my newly opened cafe.

Beside that, do you know what was I interest most at there? YES... It's Foods... Let's enjoy the dessert photos :)

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Taiwan Feng Shan City

It was nearly end of my stay in Taiwan... I'm now in Feng Shan City near Kao Shiong Taiwan... The environment there much like Penang... The People there very friendly & nice... What I couldn't forget most was my motorbike driving experience in Taiwan... Very SHIOK lar... My friend lend me a motorbike & we go tour around in Kao Shiong City... but what I kancheong most that there were road blocked by police during my way back to my hostel... You know lar... I got no Taiwan License mah... so I try to pretend like Taiwan Local born people... Lucky the police didn't block me... Pheeww... very lucky lar... ok here you go some Taiwan photos, hope you like it :)

Smelly Toufu Hotpot, Chili Wantan & Duck Blood Hotpot... nice to try when come to Taiwan.

A very popular Taiwan drinks... It's a kind of Jelly drink :)

2nd round of Taiwan local delights from Feng Shan night market: Fried little bird eggs , potato balls, onion roti canal, taiwan sausage, Vege Fried rice & Fried Dumpling :)

Friendly Taiwan hawkers selling Taiwanese Local Delights... They even treat me with some local foods for FREE when get to know I'm from Singapore & would like to post their photo for advertising... So when you come to Taiwan... must go visit them ok :)

There was a big fat pig walking down the street... It's very very funny & I quickly snapped this photo... If this happend in Malaysia... those "Huan Kia" will run away like crazy... hehe :)

Sunday, April 06, 2008

I'm still in Taiwan

Taking photo with my Grand Master Hsing Yun's Portrait

Great Buddha in Fo Guang Shan

Dear Friends, long time didn't update my blog liao... do you all forget me liao kah??? haha :)

I was now in Feng Shan, a part of Taiwan Kao Hsiung City... I was now undergo a study & research on our cafe's management & operation skills... I learn a lots during my one month trip in Taiwan... I had went to several place in Southern Taiwan like Tainan City, Kao Hsiung City, Taiwan Fo Guang Shan (I like the place) & Feng Shan City.

I found that most of the peoples in Southern Taiwan are very very friendly... Luckily there were no problem for me with their conversation... They used to speak Mandarin & Taiwan Hokkien... I can understand them & they could understand mine too... sometime the feel very strange why I know so much about their culture & their special term... of course lah... I did watch thier Taiwanese TV programme mah... I could also sing Hokkien songs during our KTV session with some of my Taiwan Friend... Glad I could speak Hokkien & pround to be part of Hokkien people too:)

One more thing I wanna share about their on-aired TV programme, they got so many channel... I prefer with their variety programme eg: Happy Go Go Go, Guess Guess Guess & the most popular singing contest Xing Guang Da Dao... I also like to watch their 2hrs news start on 8pm everynite...

OK, nite is getting late here... had to rest early coz I still had to visit several cafe the next day... till then... take good care & do check back here more often oh :)

Feng Shan Mini Night Market

Taiwan Local Foods from Night Market: Friend Salted Chicken best!

Popular local delight stalls... their pohpia very nice oh :)

Haha... Finally found Yong He's Headquaters in Feng Shan... SG got branches in Geylang too:)