Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Ang Ku Kueh - D.I.Y.

Share with you all the receipe I get from internet ;)

Ingredients for skin:
300g glutinous rice flour
150g sweet potatoes
2 tbsp sugar
2 tbsp corn oil
250-300ml warm water
1/8 tsp orange red colouring
Banana leaves cut to small circles

Peanut Filling:
300g ground, roasted peanuts
150g caster sugar
some boiled water

Method for filling:
1. Mix ground peanuts with sugar and add in some water to make into a paste form. Shape into small round balls of filling for dough.

Method for skin:
1. Steam cut sweet potatoes for 10-15 minutes till cooked and soft. Mash through a wire sieve and set aside.

2. Sieve glutinous rice flour into a mixing bowl. Make a hole in centre of flour and add the sugar, mashed sweet potatoes and corn oil. Add the coloured water a little at a time and mix and knead well until the colouring is even and dough is pliable. If dough is too dry, add a little more water. Knead till dough does not stick to the hands adding more oil if necessary. Let dough rest for 20-30 minutes.

3. Divide dough into equal portions to fit mould and roll each into a round ball. Flatten each ball of dough slightly and add a small ball of filling. Pinch and seal the edges to enclose the filling.

4. Spread some oil over the dough and press into a kueh ku mould. Knock mould lightly to dislodge kueh and place on a piece of banana leaf .

5. Place all the kueh ku in a steamer and steam on high heat for 5 minutes. Remove lid from steamer to let out excess steam. Cover and continue steaming for another 5 minutes.

6. Remove kueh ku from steamer and brush lightly with corn oil to prevent sticking. Cover with banana leaves to keep them soft.

Hope you enjoy trying at home :)

My Dreamed DORAEMON's Car!!!

Yesterday I had bump into Tokyo Motor Show 2007 website, & I found there's was a concept car called [Nissan Pivo2], Its shape much like my favourite cartoon hero: Doraemon... I really like it very much, my collegue laugh at me & said that its was actually "Char Bor Chia", I don't really care about that!

But I'm just curious whether would it suitable to be drive in Malaysia? If "Suey Suey" kena hit by other cars, would it become "Ham Chim Peng"?

I believe that kind of car's prize also not very cheap lor... No $$$ buy, can see it here also not bad what... hehe :p

Here's some description about my dreamed Doraemon car:

[Nissan Pivo2]
Nissan introduced the first PIVO concept two years ago here in Tokyo, and perhaps what's most surprising is that they decided to build a second one. The PIVO2 looks like it’d be a perfect mascot car for a baseball team, with its spherical passenger compartment sitting on a 4-wheeled platform.

The wheels can be turned in any direction and the passenger compartment itself can spin 360 degrees. Each wheel is fitted with an electric motor with power coming from advanced lithium-ion batteries. Not only is PIVO2 friendly to the environment, it also takes care of its driver.

A "Robotic Agent" is fitted into the dashboard that recognizes the facial images of the driver, providing not only useful information for vehicle operation, but also "speaks to you to cheer you up or to soothe you accordingly." Don't look for this car driving down public roads anytime soon, but its quite popular here in Japan.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Karaoke Nite :)

Last Sunday evening, Some of my volunteer friend: ST, XC, HC, XL, CL & Me six of us went to Kbox to celebrate XL's birthday. We're enjoyed very much during the karaoke session, there were filled with our laughter everywhere :) Not forget also to send my best wishes to my dear dharma friend XL, Happy Birthday & all the best to you :)

Attached was the short video clip taken using my stupid camera phone. I dunno what's wrong with the setting, my phone was just allowed me to record for only 1 mins... plus the video quality also very "Jiak Lat"! Hmm... for better quality, seems that It's the time for me to get a Digital Camera liao... I'll definetely go & get one right after my Pay day... hehe :p

I like & enjoyed singing very much, still the same for me to choose Leslie's song & some old song (most familiar mah...:p) to sing. Remember last time I did tell you all that one of my friend CL, which her voice really much like "Anita Mui", you also may found her in the clips too... That day, I was actually just recorver from flu, my voice might not so good. Hopefully I'll sing better on our next Karaoke session :)

The moments we get together...

Just now while after lunch break, when I search for some of my passed old photos in Flickr, I just realised that haven't complete the post regarding my Penang Trip few weeks ago...

As time goes by... very fast... Its already 3 weeks liao. So let's continue with the story while we had a gathering in one of the most happening place called "Autocity" in Prai.

While we're on the way to Autocity, I feel that there are something strange & Weird. Dragon seems very quiet, everyone inside his car was also quiet too, except the car radio. Get to know from his blog, that he was actually very tired & exhausted. I'm feel so sorry & Paiseh abt that too... Indeed, Driving really need to pay lots of attention. As a driver, I understand too.

We reach there around 7.30pm, get to know from Taugeh that some of our PGHK members was already there. Due to Festive season, Its very hard for us to get a parking lot. Poor Dragon, he had to round here round there then can only found a parking space. While step into [Ice Ice Baby], can saw Motoleng, Motoleng Soh & Motoleng's sister had sitting there already.

Without any delay, we decided to make an order for dinner first. There's so much choices on the menu, I also dunno waht to order, ended up I ordered "Terriyaki chicken Cheese Baked rice" & "Hong Kong Kai Dan Zai dessert". The food there was very nice, Probaly you all may go & try next time when you travel to Penang :)

Mean while, all of our PGHK Listeners also turned up one by one, which is Shua Hu, Ah Tox & Ah Tox Soh, Hainamkepui, Ah Bong & friend, PPP, Wiwiwawa & Tuna. There are total a dozen of us who make up this lovely gathering.

We eat a lots & we also talked a lots... Some of others listeners like Ah Tox, Ah Leng, Motoleng, Hainamkepui & Tuna also take lots of photos with their own cameras. Too bad I didn't have, I might only using my lousy phone camera...

During the middle of our gathering session, I had to go out to start for my mission, which is help to buy cakes for our birthday boys : Dragon, Tuna & Ah Bong. I'm abit lost while I'm out there coz its my first time there & not very sure where is there any cake house in that area. As I decided to turn back to Ice Ice Baby, so lucky I found Swensens located right behind of Ice Ice Baby. There's sure got selling cakes, Ice cream cakes some more... yup yup :P

Beside cakes, Taugeh also brought them some Birthday presents which he's carrying all the way from Klang to Penang. So happy we all can celebrated & have fun together. I believe it will become a sweet memories as well for those who had attend the gathering.

We dismissed around 10pm & we turned back to Dragons house for some rest. We manage to watch a Thai's horror movie called [The Shutter] before going to bed. Its the first time for Taugeh to watch this movie. Although I had already watched it several times, but there's few scence which is still can scared me up... what I can said that this was the best horror movie I had ever watch, not only the effects but the story...

The next day, which is 14 Oct, Its time for me to leave such lovely island Penang. Everthing's resume to normal daily life now. There's a great changed for me after such memoriable Penang Tour, which I started to write my blog by using my broked english to get connected among my dearest Penang Hokkien buddies... Yes!!! no doubt... It's you... who are reading my blog now...hehe :)

Feel glad can get to know all of you from Penang Hokkien. I really look forward also for our upcoming Gathering during CNY 2008 soon. Hopefully may try to spend most of the time with your & my families before I start to continue my studies in Taiwan 2009.

(Photos courtesy from PGHK Listeners)

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Hong Kong... Wait for me :)

Get to know from our president just now that our trip to Hong Kong had been confirmed. This trip was mainly for us to attend a Regional Youth Volunteer Conference 2007, Although the schedule was very tight, and the time for us to shopping & see see look look was very limited too... But never mind lar... as long I can aboard to oversea I'm happy already.

We'll be there from 29 Dec 2007 untill 02 Jan 2007, That's mean I'll stay at Hong kong for 2 years... hahaha :) But some of my members will extend their leave & tour around Hong Kong & Shen Zhen. Due to I had a CNY job appointment, so I had to leave HK right after the conference.

No choice lar, my Jobs (Rice Bowl) is much important, Dun worry I still can go there any time when I free mah... There's also lot of attractive places for me to explore... beside HK, I might go to Taiwan too in July 2008. Wow.. my schedule seems already fixed untill Mid 2008 liao... like a bussiness man like that... Beh Tahan nia... hehe :P

Well, There'll be more & more busy for me start from following week, because there's lots of thing to be prepare for this conference. We gonna prepare Activity presentation reports / video clips, group trainning for singing contest (Acappella style), Prepare fun game and the most importance is to prepare some local (S'pore) sovenier... this is most headace for all of us... Hmm...we really no idea on what to bring over for gift exchange? A mini Merlion? No... that was out dated liao... An orchids... dont want lar... carry flower very girly leh... A Durian? lagi cannot, coz the plane captain may kick us out from the sky...then we'll become superman / superwoman liao... haha :p

Really look forward on this coming trip to HK, It has been my dream place since I was at the young age... Heard from them as well that Hong Kong side was also prepare lots of exciting programme for all the participant too... There would be the Regional Carnival, a Camp fire, a BBQ session, a mini countdown fireworks & "Kong Ming" lantern light-up... Wow.. thats sound very cool oh... Probaly tonight I'll be dreaming to HK again... Late of nite liao... Hope you enjoy this lovely HK tourism video clips:

Had you all been there before? If yes, Kindly please drop a comments for me on which interesting places to visit or where was an Ideal places for food hunting... :p

Friday, October 26, 2007

A Tribute to Superstar

Today's weather seem not very good, my mood also... Maybe I had been caught with "Friday blues"? So probaly there's no much to write for today...

I'm try to search some music video clips in youtube to get prepared on which song for me to sing in our monthly Karaoke session @ Kbox on this coming Sunday.

While searching on [Leslie Cheung], and I found the this...

I like his songs very much... It's a must for me to sing his song each time when I visited to Karaoke launge.

I'd been spoken with my collegue during lunch time that most of my favourite idol been passed away... and I had to admit my age is getting older & older liao... sigh!

Anita Mui was also my favourite singer too... She's also gone with Kor Kor the same year 2003. I missed their voice, their song & their concert very much...

I got a friend who really can sing exactly same voice as Anita Mui, Hopefully She'll be joining us this Sunday, so that I can tape down video then post here to share with yours.

It's now started to rain out there... my best wishes to both of them, my beloved Superstar [Leslie & Anita], may them rest in peace at Heaven there :)

Share with yours My favourite song called [Chase]:

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Getting Fit.... Start Now

I was so happy when everyone told me that I'd been losing weight recently, not that fat than before liao... hehe! Yup that's true, my weight was start dropping from 78kg to 74kg... Say "Ta Ta" to my 4kg body FATs... :p

3 months ago, I had been went through a regular body checkup at my company appointed clinic. The doctor told me that my BMI result was not very good, It's almost near to overweight's zone... He advice me to lose some weight immediately if not I'll caught by many type of diseases easily infuture...

I can't imagine what would I look like if I didn't listen to him! Probaly I'll be getting fatter & fatter... My body size would like a Japanese SUMO players? What if my "WIRA" (my car of course) can't fit me in anymore... Arrrghh!!! I don't really want all these happend...

Well... what to do... I still young... Or you can laugh at me "Kiasi" or "Kiasu"... No choice, I had to follow what the doctor told me. Since there, I stopped taking any supper, especially my beloved MCdonalds burgers... sob... sob... Each time when I go to online at there, I might drooling like hell while watching others people enjoy their burger mouth by mouth... I was very struggle & keep telling myself: Say No To Hamburgers! End up I just can make an order to a regular cup of Hot Steamed buttered sweet corn & a cup of Ice MILO only.... huu...huu...

Although can seen some results right now, but still not meets my target yet. My Ideal weight would be around 68 ~ 70kg... I keep dreaming of myself whether would I become like this one day:

Yeah I know... It just only a silly dream. I still need to work hard on it... Gambatte ne! Beside no to eat any supper, no Burgers & more veggies, I am now pushed myself harder to get some exercise at lease 3 times a week. So nice that I lived nearby a Reservoir Park. I manage to go for jogging there early morning before go to work at 9am.

I'm really looked forward to see how's the result on myself on next two months, Hopefully I might look nicer while dressed fit during upcoming chinese new year 2008. Wanna Get Fit... so had to start now :)

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Foods Battle !!!

Yesterday evening when after work, some of my collegues & I went to Bedok North Market Food Centre for dinner. Lucky we went there early, there's not much people yet, so we can get a table easily. After that some of us take turn to order some food seperately. I walked through nearly all foodstall there, still can't decide what to eat... It's quite a headace for me. Those Spicy Food like Nasi Bryani or Laksa etc, I not dare to eat because I scared I might sweat like just coming out from saunna. While Those Seafood pulak like Ikan Bakar, Pepper Crab or Tiger Prawn... I cannot eat due to I might get allergy... end up just only can choose Chicken & Babi (Pork) nia... very sien...

Suddenly, my eye getting brighter when I found there is a Penang Foods stall infront. YES!!! Thats is what in want, so poor I missed penang food badly... Without any delay, I quickly rush over to take a look on the menu... Of course there's got selling Penang well known [Char Koey Teow] & also some popular [Penang Laksa], [Curry Mee], [Hokkien Mee] & [Wantan Mee]... I am so excited and almost drooling when I look at those... haha :)

So I ordered [Char Koey Teow] & [Wantan Mee] for my dinner... While waiting for my food, I got chance sembang with the Taukeh there. This hawker stall was run by a middle aged couple. The Taukeh Soh was actually Born & staying at Penang for more than 20 years before married to Singapore. Due to a car accident occured few years ago, Her husband (Taukeh) injured seriously, Lucky his condition getting better now, but he had lose his job during the period he staying in Hospital. So they no choise & decided try to run a small bussines as a hawker... I feel so sorry when listen to thier unfortunate incident. Beside that my heart feel so warm & nice, because that Taukeh Soh chat with me by using our most familiar Penang Hokkien dialect, I enjoy very much chatting with them.

Mean while, My foods was ready, I get back to my seat & start enjoy my long waited Penang Delights... hehe :p While we're eating half way, one of my S'prean collegue started asking me a stupid question: "Penang Food & Local (S'pore) Food, which one is nicer?" ALAMAK!!! Of course is Penang Food lar... He asked why? I refused to answer him and ask him to read my blog tomorrow, then he'll know why...

So now, Get ready for the Foods Battle?

Round 1
[Penang Char Koey Teow] vs [S'pore Char Koey Teow]

Penang Char Koey Teow:
- I give **** (4 out of 5 stars)
- Plain Koey Teow fried together with LapChiong (Chinese Sausage), Pork oil, eggs, Taugeh, Soy sauce & "Harm" (ang moh called what ah?).
- Taste salty & Dried...
- One word to describe: SHIOK!

Singapore Char Koey Teow:
- I give minus **** (very terrible)
- Using Koey Teow mix with Yellow Mee fried together with bunch of Pork oil, eggs, vegetable (Chai Sim), Sweet soy sauce & "Harm".
- Taste Sweet, weird, Oily & wet (Nua Kor Kor like Sh*t)...
- One word to describe: YUCKS!!!

Round 2
[Penang Hokkien Mee] vs [S'pore Hokkien Mee]

Penang Hokkien Mee:
- I give ***
- You can choose either Yellow Mee or Beehoon, Served with Spicy Prawn Soup & topped with boiled eggs, Taugeh, porks, prawns, "Eng Chai" & some "Eu Chang"...
- Taste unique with fresh prawn soup, a bit spicy yet can taste some sweetnest...
- Two words to describe: Hor Liao!

S'pore Hokkien Mee:
- I give *
- A mixture of Yellow Mee with "Laksa Hoon", fried together with eggs, "Sotong", "Prawn", Fish Cake, "Koo Chai" & Prawn water...
- Taste more like a seafood fantasy, I can't even how to describe, maybe you had to try it then you'll know...
- Two words to describe: So So!

Bonus [KL Hokkien Mee aka "Dai Lok Mean"]:
- I give **
- Plain Yellow Mee fried with fresh sliced mushrooms, cabagge, Fish cakes, Sliced Porks & Dark soy sauce...
- Taste a bit salty & juicy. Pay more caution to your white shirt while eating this...
- Two words to describe: Not Bad!

Round 3
[Penang Asam Laksa] vs [S'pore Laksa]

Penang Asam Laksa:
- I give ***
- Original Rice Noodle (Laksa Hoon) served with freshly fish meat asam soup. Topped with sliced Pineapples, cucumbers, Bawang, Kantan flower & mints...
- Taste's good, Hot, sour, spicy... More fragrance if you added some Prawn sauce 'Hey Koh"...
- Three words to describe: Jin Jia Song!

Singapore Laksa:
- I give minus*
- Using same "Laksa Hoon" but served with thick curry soup, Inside got Taupok, Taugeh, cucumber, boiled eggs, "harm"...
- It's much like our Penang Curry Mee... just the curry soup lack of coconut milk. not really fragrance, I'm also curious why added "harm" in it?
- Three Words to describe: Kan Na Sai!

Final Round:
[Penang Wantan Mee] vs [Kuching Kolo Mee]

Penang Wantan Mee
- I give ****
- A handmade tiny noodle served with some pork oil, soy sauce & dark soy sauce. Topped with Sliced "Char Siew", "Chai Sim" & of cource "Wantan" (Mini Pork Dumpling).
- Must try this when you travel to Penang, a very nice & tasty cantonese delight...
- Four words to describe: Die Die Must Try!!!

Kuching Kolo Mee (sold in S'pore)
- I give ***
- A curly handmade noodle (much like Maggie Mee) also serve with some pork oil, soy sauce. Topped with Mixed Pork (Bak Chor), Sliced "Char Siew", Prawn..
- Overall not bad, tasty also, Can have a try...
- Four Words to describe: Si Peh Hor Chiak!!!

Monday, October 22, 2007

Penang Tour - Part III

In my last post I had shared until the dessert house nearby New World Park. So now continue talk about my Penang Trip...

After finished our Dessert, Dragon & I decided to go to 9 Emperior temple nearby for some photo shooting. Surprisingly when I saw lots of vegetarien hawker stall loacted along the street just opposite the temple. Without any delay, I urge Dragon quickly take some photo outside the temple, so that I can continue for my food explorer... I'm curious whether am I a hungry ghost in my past life, who know? because I really can't controlled myself while seeing Foods... haha... Tam Jiak Gui.. :p

I was thingking that Taugeh will be reach PG late of the night, So I decided to buy some supper for him. There's is lots of vegetarien snack which I would like to try, got Pizza, Burger, Rojak & many more... Too bad that my stomach was already full, if not.... hahaha... hope I didn't scared up Dragon... haha :)

Since there is no idea on which place to go later on, so we Patah balik to Dragon's appartment first. Dragon started busy with his work, then I choose to watch my favourite Stephen Chow's old comedy... beside that we also got a chance to watch some fireworks from his balcony because It's Raya eve. After the finished the movie, Dragon's phone rang... Taugeh finally arrive at Butterworth. So we quickly moved towards Butterworth to fetch Taugeh. So poor of him had to traveled so many hours in coach, He's sure very tired then. In earlier, Dragon's even planning to scared Taugeh by ask him to watch a Thai horror movie called "The Shutter", but end up we're all really really tired, end up we go to sleep earlier.

The next day, we're all started to wake up after several alarm buzz from Dragon's mobile phone. Then Dragon fetch us to have some dim sum for our breakfast. There is always crowded with people at the Dim Sum house there. It's hard for us to get a seat. After a while, Taugeh found it then they started to get some order... yum yum... the Dim Sum there was very very nice, I'm also headache while my turn to get order, because there's really so many types to choose... what I like most was "Lor Mai Kai" & typical Hong Kong "Chee Chiong Fun". Beside that I had found that Taugeh also easily get sweat, same as mine, I easily get sweat when I eat food contains chilly & Pepper... so we both individual got some additional funny nickname, Taugeh was [Hot Detector], mean while mine is [ Chilly Detector]... haha :)

After Breakfast, Dragon fetch us to Gurney Plaza for some shopping of course. We had buy some books from Popular bookstore, mean while Taugeh busy with his mobile phone calls... Dragon cannot Tahan & ranked him as our Penang Hokkien certified PRs :)

Our next station will be back to New World Park again, we meet up with Ah Tox for lunch at Old Town kopitiam... I like the environment so much... the place fulled of nostalgic feel. When we reach there, already seen Ah Tox & his wife & also Hainamkepui siting there liao... Before our long chat, We decided to have some foods first since Ah Tox they are not having any breakfast yet.Dragon strongly recommend "See Mut Milk Tea" & "Thick Kaya Toast" to us... the taste is very unique... I like them. Then I order "Chu Qian Yi Ding" noodles sup which served with Egg + Ham. Dragon also like to eat instant noodles too... while Taugeh ordered "Indonesian Damn Hot Curry Rice" haha... I scared myself might sweat & get wet crazily so I didn't dare to try.

During our lunch session, one of the Listener called "Siao Kia" joined us later on. Beside that I'm also found Hainamkepui She's very quiet... very "Soo Boon"... maybe she feel "paiseh" due to we're first meet up in person afterall. Not like our Penang Hokkien "Dai Lou"... Online & Real person almost not much difference, Still very keen in "Kapsiao"... Lucky got him, His joke really bring us lots of Laugh & Fun...hehe :)

Well... Next post, I'll gonna share something regarding our Listener's gathering in Prai.

(Some photos courtesy from Taugeh & Dragon)

Life is wonderful :)

Before continue to my Penang tour's sharing, Juz would like to share something on my passed wonderful weekend.

On Saturday, as usual had to work half day in office. Since there is not much artworks to design, so end up I "eng eng bo tai chee" , get paid to surfing internet, update my blog & watching Stephen Chow's comedy clips in youtube & bla bla bla... haha :)

Afterwork, I need to rushed for my volunteer appointment at Temple nearby my office. I had to follow Venerables & some of my fellow members going to our new Temple located in Punggol (Northen East part of Singapore) for construction site visit. The construction work was very efficien, our new temple was about almost complete liao... Very happy & excited from all of us... finally we got a home... a home for our spiritual...

When we're going up to the top floor of our new temple, which is a columbarium. I like the design & the environment so much, totally no "Geli" at all... Since the "ash" columns were very hot in sales right now & there's is not much left liao... I wish I could get one too, but I just confusse whether Will I be staying in Singapore forever?... Well, no matter how, "May I rest in peace in future" was actually my great wish now... haha :)

At nite around 8pm++, I bring my company laptop to Mcdonald. Since there's got free wifi, so I just ordered a cup of ice MILO, then began to online gmail chat with some of my friends. After when I log in to MSN, Chat with Dragon & Chabour pulak... There's alot to talk, we even chat untill very late... Since I had sit at there for almost more than 3 hrs with just order a cup of drink, I scared I kena complain by Aunty there, so I got to log off & went home ZZZzzzz....

I wake up early Sunday morning, As usual going to Temple nearby for prayer service, at noon time I got to attend Chinese Ochestra instrument class also... Although my whole day's schedule was very rush & tight, but I feel very happy & enjoy to be volunteer, from there I can meet lots of peoples, learn lots of knowledge & got a apportunity to perform too...

Thru the volunteer services, I had found the meaning of life, I'm appreciate so much with every moments & peoples in my life, including my family members, my friends, my buddies and Yes.... It's "you", whoever visited my blog... Thanks to everything which light up my life... life is wonderful :)

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Penang Tour - Part II

First of all would like to thanks to my Penang Hokkien Buddies for overwhelming respond on my previous post, so from now on I'll probaly to write my sharing in english, but I'll also may post some my articals subseqencely in mandarin. Hope you'll enjoy reading my blog... hehe :)

Well...Before goes into Penang foods, would like to share more about Dragon's new appartment - Regency Heights. When I first reach to his house, I was attracted by the environment over there, especially the panoramic view from balcony... The air in his house was very cooling, and got a good feng shui too. Just only one word can describe is "Shiok"... hehe :) Too bad I was now short of vitamin S11, if not I'll gonna buy one of the unit there too...

While resting in his "Long Men Ke Zhan", we had watch a series of Gary Chao Ge & Aaron Kwok's concert DVD, besided that we also have a chat with Ah Hoon too. As I was too tired due to can't really sleep well in Coach the nite before, I even fall as sleep while half way watching those concert DVD... Lucky I'm not drooling on his brand new sofa... hehe :)

When the sky turns dark, we decided to have some dinner in town before go to fetch Taugeh in Butterworth Bus Terminal. Thanks to Dragon bring me to vegetarien restaurant located nearby Macalister Road. I like vegetarien food very much... I'm here in Singapore mostly having vegetarien meals everyday. Look at the food pics above, that was what we order for our dinner. The foods there damn nice, price also moderate... next time when visit Penang again can consider to bring my mum to eat at there too.

After Dinner, Dragon called up Taugeh where's his location now? but get to know that Taugeh haven't bypass Ipoh yet... Hmm... Maybe traffic jam at highway there due to Raya Festive. So while waiting, we walked towards New World Park nearby. There was a very nice place, inside got lots of wellknown restaurant located like Old Town coffee house, 600cc & many others. I believe there will be a brand new recreation & makan spots for all penangites.

After a while, Dragon suggest to have some desserts nearby. I'm so excited, I like "Tong Shui" very much too... no wonder I getting fatter & fatter.... hehe :)

Well, since there is so many yummy dessert inside the menu, Its very hard for us to get an order, so we decided to get some recommendation for a staff there, she hardly promote the dessert called "waterchestnut + Egg" to us, then Dragon order Golden Man Tou topped with honey syrup... yum yum... Then my turn to order "Potato Tang Yuan" which inspired by my mum told me before. When all those freshly served on our table, again It's Dragon turn who help me snap some photo before we finished all those... The desserts there was very nice except "waterchestnut + Egg"... that was sucks... not nice at all... so at the end I finished it myself, don't waste food mah...

Wow... Seems that It's already a long post liao.... So I gonna stop here & will share with you all again my next post... stay tune :)

(Some photos courtesy from Dragon)

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

东方花园逍遥游-Penang Tour


When i was thinking to write on this post, there were many sweet memories filled up my mind. Due to some of my friend can't read any chinese charactors, I started to feel that this was the most challenged for me to write in both mandarin and english.


I feel very pressure due to overloaded work load previously, my mood getting bad & bad. So I planning to give myself a break for me to take a breath. As get to know that there was a [Penang Hokkien Podcast] listener's gathering held during Raya season, thus also to celebrate my friend "Dragon" moved in to his new house & advanced birthday. So on thursday nite afterwork, I quickly rush to bus terminal nearby & straight away travelled to Penang.


I actually arrived in Penang around 8.30am, as It's still early, so I decided walk to the temple nearby to prayer & also having vegetarien breakfast. An hour later, I started to sms my friend "Dragon" to meet up at bus terminal. So sorry when get to know he actually rushed over without having breakfast.

上了车子后我们一起到小贩中心去吃东西,奕龙说这里有个摊位是卖爪哇面的,我的内心一阵欣喜,毕竟我都整10多年里都没吃过了。眼见桌上那碟热腾腾的爪哇面,还没入口之前,就好像乡巴佬般拿起手机对着美食猛拍一番。饱食一顿后,奕龙就带我到那新开张不久,而且又是北马最大间的Queen'sbay Mall去逛逛。大约中午时分,我们就回到[龙门客栈]-奕龙的新家休息去咯!下会再跟大家分享槟城的美食篇,不要错过哦!

Afterwards we decided to having a breakfast at nearby hawker center. Dragon Said to me that there got a stall which selling Jawa mee, I was excited coz since already 10++years I didn't eat this liao... when the food is serve on table, I snap photo crazily using my HP. After breakfast, Dragon drive me to Queensbay Mall - the largets shopping mall in Penang. Around noon time we back to Dragon new house to take some rest. I'll be sharing something regarding Penang local foods in my next post, so do checked back here more often ok!

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