Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Edison's Hot & Sexy Photos...

When you ask what was the hottest news in the beginning of 2008? I'm sure most of the people would reply you with the same answer... That was the sex scandal which is rocking Hong Kong & all over Asia right now.

Hundreds of explicit photos of Edison Chen and starlets, including singer Gillian Chung and actresses Cecilia Cheung and Bobo Chan were posted on the Internet after police say the files were stolen from Chen's laptop computer when he took it in for repairs.

Actually... This kind of tragedy not just only happened recently... I believe we could also found sex photos in the past old centuries... I believe our grand grand grand father also had seen this before... not believe? you see this lar...

During the past few weeks when I went to zoo to pay respect to Ah Meng (the famous orang utan in Singapore). I accidentally see a zoo keeper secretly give the photo to a pair of orang utan couple... I'm curious & ask that zoo keeper what was the photo actually, then he smiled a say: "Aiyoh.. It's just a kind of Sex Photo lar... just wanna let them start to Ush...!Ush...! (Make love) & gave born a new orang utan to replace Ah Meng in future" I ask for the photo & he show me this:

Classic Comedy

One of my Hokkien Buddy called Ah Chew send me this video. It was so funny & I missed it so much with a series of Hong Kong comedy in late 80's... Have fun & enjoy :)

Friday, February 22, 2008

Political Jokes

Today one of my friend had post a photo on my FaceBook super wall... This photo is very funny... If they (BN) really lose in this coming Malaysia General Election 2008, they can consider to change their party icon from "Blue to Red"... like this:

P/S: Tolong jangan "sue" saya, because I "Takda duit!!!"... wakakaka :)

AKK Super Rewards

Tang... Tang... Tang.... It's time to show the the correct answer for my [Photo Guess Guess Guess] contest...

Tada... the answer is : Sweet Corn & Bitter Gourd... Luckily there are few of my readers had make it correctly... so now it's time for prizes presentation... (*music please)

Second Runner Up goes to.... : no name "Boh Mia" ( Anonymous)
P/S: please drop your name with e-mail address to claim your prize, thank you!

First Runner Up goes to... : Taugeh aka K3vin
P/S: Clever loh...*clap...clap...clap..... haha :)

And the CHAMPION goes to...: Headmaster
P/S: Wah... this fella very Pandai lor... First sight only know the answer liao... indeed Pandai sampai keluar air... hahahaha :)

A big thank you for your participation, and for those who didn't get it right, try harder next round, OK :)

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Are you Busy?

I believe most of you had watch this advertisement for several times during CNY. I'm so proud & happy to see the first & ever of 100% Hokkien language advertisement to be on air in our country... Mostly the advertisement speak mandarine or cantonese... hopefully there'll be more & more Hokkien advertisement appear onto out TV :)



If you are really busy at the moment, no matter how, take a break... have a white coffee... :)

I laugh until non-stop when I first saw the white coffee advertisement... It's so funny lar... Let's enjoy :)

SUPER Ipoh Charcoal Roasted coffee AD

这是Super超级品牌最新推出的产品-3合1怡保炭烧白咖啡的电视广告... 被吸引的不只是那位长得像《功夫》里包租婆的咖啡店老板娘和长得有点像郑中基的呆呆男, 而是那句中气十足的"我叫你试!"

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Photo Guess Guess Guess!

Hmm... Since tomorrow was Chap Goh Meh, also the last day of CNY celebration (no ang pow been given after this day). Mostly people will held some activities during such meaningful day. Some of them will cook "Pengat or Bubur Cha Cha", some of them will "Throw orange" into river (not Longkang OK!), some of them even can take part in the "Lantern Quiz Contest"...

So let's try to name 2 items on below's photo...

Hint: One born with jacket & the other one born naked...

For those who guess correctly would be given an special awards, the correct answer will announce right after Chap Goh Meh :)

The Voice of Democracy

Hey Buddies... My friend just fwd me a Youtube Video Clip, It's about the Political Advertisement from Opposition Party - D.A.P.

I was surprise to see this & impressed with ther hard work to serve for nation... Let's enjoy to watch it together :)




行動黨為這輯宣傳短片分別錄製了英語及國語版本,而短片中的宣傳口號及標語還仿效國際知名運動品牌Nike的口號,把“Just Do It ”改成“Just Change It”及“ Jom Ubah”,呼吁選民把手上神聖的一票投給他們。












Tuesday, February 19, 2008

CNY Lion Dance

On the 1st day of CNY morning, as usual I had prepared & set-up an mini altar right infront of my house to wait for the visiting of Lion Dance group.

This year I wanna make it a bit special, so I came out an ideal like this:

Was it look nice? I'm using 8 oranges + 1 "Ong Lai"(pineapple) & place it on top water surface, I'm also place flowers & 88 pcs of 1 cent coins into the water. Not forget also the most important items: "Ang Pow" & green Vege. It's symbolise to bring more Good Lucks & Prosperity for the whole year.

I had also snap a short video clips during the Lion Dance Ceremony, enjoy watching :)

Monday, February 18, 2008

Ah Lian - The Beauty Pageant

One Day, Ah Lian was really really lucky enough, being selected to represent Singapore in the Miss Universe competition. It is now the final round of the Miss Universe Pageant and left only 3 finalists, Miss USA, Miss Malaysia and Miss Singapore are being asked 3 simple questions:

MC: The first question is name me an electrical appliance starting with "L"

Miss USA: Lamp

Miss Malaysia: Light bulb

Miss Singapore (Ah Lian): LADIO

Judge: Alamak! No, radio does not start with the letter "L"

MC: I am going to give you 2 more chances; The next question is name me an animal starting with the letter "L"

Miss USA: Lion

Miss Malaysia: Leopard

Miss Singapore (Ah Lian): LABBIT

Judge: Fuyoh! Rabbit does not start with the letter "L" lar...

MC: I am going to give you one last chance, if you answer this question
incorrectly, you are disqualified.

Name me a fruit starting with the letter "L"

Miss USA: Lemon

Miss Malaysia: Lychee

Miss Singapore (Ah Lian) was now full of confidence, smiles and says: LIEWLIAN !

This is not the end of the story, the Judge consulted the board of judges to determine if Miss Singapore should really disqualified; and they decided that since Miss Singapore was having as many problems with the letter "L", the decided to give her another chance.

Judge: OK, the final question is name me a human anatomy starting with the letter "L"

Miss USA: Lung (applause)

Miss Malaysia: Liver (even more applause)

Miss Singapore: LAN CHEAOW!

Judge: ARRRGHHH!!!! (the Judge was really fall down from chairs this time)

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Get Prepare for Chap Goh Meh

As you all know that we'll having another Valentine's celebration on coming "Chap Goh Meh" (the 15th day of CNY). The most popular activity on such romantic night was "Throwing Oranges"... This activity is mainly organised for those who haven't married or still single & available, may try your luck by write down your wishes onto orange, then throw it into river, it's believed will bring lucks & will start a relationship soonest.

If you have no ideal on what to write. Don't worry, AKK will teach you how to write in modern way by showing you some of below's samples:

Option 1: For "Girls" who really keen to seek for true love.

Option 2: For "Man" who are also wanna look for true love.

Option 3: For those who wanna do FREE advertising.

So what do you waiting for? Cepat - Cepat go & get an orange then write down your wish lar... enjoy :)

Friday, February 15, 2008

Best Gifts for Valentine 2008

Well... today's 15... which mean "Walan-time" had already over liao... so how you all celebrate last night? Got received any surprise or not?

This morning I received an email from my friend, he did send me this advertisement regarding the worldwide best selling Valentine's gift 2008. It's indeed a very hot gifts recently... and it's also popular too... wanna see or not? Ok Ok... let you see lar :)

For Him

(Highly recommended by well know HK pop star - Edison Chen)

For Her

(Highly recommended by some of well know HK female pop stars - Bobo Chen, Gillian Chung, Cecilia Cheung & many others)

Don't ask me why is abalone & sausage... I believe you know well then me right... Enjoy & have fun... hehe :p

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Valentine's Jokes

[Ah Beng's Love Letter]

Deer horny Lian-Lian,

Wrong time no see you liao, Lu hor bo? For me, I am quiet find lar...

You say in your letter your taukeh soh wan you change your look patten ah? your taukeh soh "bak chew tak stemp" ar! you oledi perfet liao... to me you oledi "swee swee no horse run liao"...your big big eyes, small small mouth, make me kenot tahan leh!

Today is walan-time day, wan go out sing kalah ok or not? i will sing my sipecial lap song called: Ah Cheng Beh Roti (unchained melody) to Xpress my lap to you...

This year I no longer buy kokolet & flourwer for you, but I had write a lap poem to you neh, listen ar:

Marry ayam follow ayam
Marry dog follow dog

You go there
I go there

You are my Horny
I am your Daling

If you are the moon
I am the star beside you

If you are a flourwer
I am the leaf of the flourwer

When you exercise
I'm the sweat at your armpit

If you are shit
I am your "hor sin"

When you are bathing
I am your "sabun"

To sky mountain sea corner
Until sea dry rock "nua"
You are my woman this lifetime
lap you deep deep, my horny

How ar? nice bo? I think hole nite until my head "pecah" liao... I also read until "kam tong lao bak sai" neh... hehe :)

I only hope one day we no need to write and send letter to you and to me. Better I e-meow you, you e-meow me. How do you think?

And when you got time, please few free to call me ar! I wait your call ok...

Walan A, my pen bo ink liao... ok lah had to stop here liao.. we keep in touch lo... I lap you very the much Lian-Lian!

Muak Muak
Ah Beng

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

FREE Lucky 4D numbers!!!

Hey everybody! It's time to say "Huat" ar!!!

"You better watch out, you better not cry, better not pout, I'm telling you why, [Angku Chye Sin] coming to town..."

YES!!! This year "AngKu Chye Sin" will come to your house & bring you a Huat Chye apportunity once in a life time... He'll give you one "Swee Swee" 4D Lucky numbers (nombor ekor lah!!!)...

No matter you are loyal to MAGNUM, TOTO or DAMACAI, "AngKu Chye Sin" will surely fullfill all your needs... So, What are you waiting for... come just try on below's few steps to bring this "Chye Sin" home & win $$$ as much as you want...

Step 1: Wash hand clean clean (manatau you just now go [PCC] ler, if didn't wash will caused you very "Suey" one)

Step 2: Close your eye & pray to the sky (must pray sincerely, if not "Chye Sin" won't listen to you anymore)

Step 3: Keep recite "Wa Ai Huat Chye" as many time as you can (if shout out from your mouth loudly would be better)

Step 4: Then must promise to "Chye Sin" that you'll donate 10% of your lucky prizes to [AngKuKueh Blog-Buster] when the time you "Kena Tao Peow" Ok... hahaha!

Step 5: Finally, Scroll down your mouse & find your Lucky Numbers shown Below this post (Each person would found difference numbers. Remember do not share your lucky numbers to others OK!)

Lastly, wish you all Good Lucks & quick quick go to buy lar... Let's "Huat" ar!

Warning : The above prediction are only for entertainment purposes. User(s) are advice to use at own risk. Author(s) will not take any responsibilities towards loses/liabilities arises from any misuse of the below program for gambling purposes. Please proceed under own risk.

Classic Fireworks

I missed so much the fireworks that we had played in past old days... I remember last time when I was small, we had apportunities to play with all kinds of fireworks without afraid of kena "saman" by police... I still can remember when the night of CNY eve... you could heard the sounds of firecrackers "ping pong piang", It's also very fun to play with those small kinds of fireworks :)

Nowaday, there's hard to find/buy those fireworks liao... & it's also illegal to play it during CNY... Share with you some fireworks photos that i found from website:

I believe you all also had played it before right... feel free to share with us your experiance & also let me know which kind of others fireworks that you missed so much which not found on above pictures... :)

Monday, February 11, 2008

My Astro CNY mtv

Dear buddies, sharing with you all my favourite cny song I heard from Astro programme... It's very nice, hope you all like it :)

Back to Blog... Back to Work... Back for Life....

As time passed by very fast... my "cuti raya' already over liao... I was back to SG now continue to blog, continue to work & life goes on...

There's very meaningful for me while my stay in hometown during CNY. I had spend lots of times with my families this year... coz I know I would not longer to celebrate with them again the next year of CNY festive... I appreciate so much with every of their laughter & the moments to be with them...

This year's CNY, I eat a lots... gosh! my "dunlop" began to shown... oh no... I had to work harder to make my spare tyre disappear when I back in SG. I just really can't tahan with my Hometown foods & my mum's cooked foods also... Too bad I didn't take any foods photos on our reunion dinner. my mum's had cooks 8 dishes for our reunion dinner: Giant meat balls, colorful mixed vegetables, thai style steamed fish, golden butter prawn, "lor bak" aka "bak kian", pig stomach soup, sour pork leg & steamed herbs chicken. beside that, my sister also bring me to eat some local delights: char kuey teow, nasi kandar, roti canal, Kangar well known "cheng ban mee", indian fried noodles, Thai fried rice & many more... no wonder my spare tyre grow & grow & grow & grow... sigh!

Do allowed me to re-arrange some of my photos taken during past few day when I was staying in my hometown, I'll continue to post more here soonest, so don't missed it :)

Friday, February 01, 2008

佛都有“火”! Damn "TL"









Dear readers, we have those monkeys politicians are playing tricks again!

This time, they had organised a "first Malaysian Chinese blog contest"

What lah! As you all know that we had already launch our first session of the Malaysian Chinese blog festival successfullly since last year...

They did not make things clear and didn't do homework, blindly holding this meaningless competition. In my view, they should be attractted by the rapid spread of the Internet Function, and the use of such dirty & tricky way in exchange for votes, is really shameful!

Therefore decided to urge all Malaysian Chinese blogger, do not fall into their trap, let us join hands boycot and refused to take part in the competition!

We look forward to participating in the next session of the Malaysian Chinese blog festival better, you say that right?

Although since a while I didnt write Chinese blog article, but I still pay attention to the Malaysian Chinese blog progress. During this period I was also know that Malaysian-Chinese blog family members with theri hard work and great efforts to united all chinese blogger, I was so touched with that :)

I urge Members to support the genuine [Malaysian Chinese blog]
http:// Mybloggercon.com

Let us resist those monkeys politicians stupid contest! Whoever enrolled in this competition indeed a [Turtle Wangbadan]!

Balik Kampung

Dear Readers, this was probably my last post during my stay in Singapore.... I'll be heading to my hometown soonest for celebrating CNY 2008. I'll be back to blog again mainly after when I return to work on 11 Feb 2008.

So hereby AKK sincerely express my best wishes to all my dearest readers a Happy Chinese New Year & Stay Healthy & "Soon-Soon" earn money... Huat ar!!!!

New Year... New Fashion...

Yesterday, I manage to go for my last minute shopping before going back to my hometown for lunar new year festival. It's great to see that there's sales averywhere & big crowd, long queue as well...

I had get myself 4 pairs of new shirts for this coming CNY. I'm also getting 2 pairs of cloths for my sibling as well... When I reached home after shopping, I quickly go to have a trial fitting with my new cloths & snap some photos...

Here you go the "AKK fashion show 2008" begins... hehe :p