Monday, June 02, 2008

Sunny - The Vegetarien Food Hunter

Thank you very much to Sunny, a popular Vegetarien food hunter visited our cafe few days ago...

Thank you also for your compliments & hope to see you again :)

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Chiak Kim... (eating gold)

Last weekend, during my visit to a largest japanese supermart located at Liang Court Basement... everything's inside made me full of surprise... not only the japan imported goods, the prices also shocked me until "kaki lembek"...

Wah... a mini size of watermelon cost nearly SGD48.50, a mini size of Honeydew also cost about SGD59!!!

Gosh... if you were there, would you gonna buy those?

Back to Blog...

Hi buddies, I'm back to blog now... well... thanks for all your concern & well wishes, my cafe's business still considered good...

At first day of the opening... there were too crowded until there's a long queue outside of my cafe... I'm there also "kelam-kabut".... feel very "kin cheong" lor... but Thank's to buddha, everything's fine now :)

I'm glad that everyone like my hand-made coffee... I'm now rather become a kopi-kia liao... hehe :p

for those who had visited to my cafe previously, please feel fre to drop a comments for better improvement oh :)

Due to very busy recently & there's not much photo to take for updating my blog... hope you all understand & bare with my late posting... till then keep in touch oh :)