Friday, December 28, 2007

Wanted Notice from FBI


Dear Friends & Readers of AngKuKueh Blog-Buster,

Beware if you're seeing this "Siao lang"! He's suffers from a super heavy mentally problems. He barks with strangers, he's even have some dangerous acts which may force you to "Chiak Sai"!

The bad news is, He had been escape from Mental Institute in Singapore. The FBI is currently seeking information concerning the disappearance of this dangerous creature. Below was some details on him:

Name: Ang Ku Kueh aka "Chao AngKu"
DOB: 15 July 19XX
Age: 29++
Sex: Techno "Chi Ko Pek"
Race: Chap Pa Lang
Height/Weight: 178cm / 70kg
Hair color: Che Meh ah! He's botak where got hair!
Identifying Characteristic: Aiyoh! look at the Photo lah!
Missing date: he was last seen on 28 Dec 2008

FBI also believed that this fella will be escape to Hong Kong from 29 Dec 2007 until 03 Jan 2008. So probably there would be no new post in this blog during these period he's aboard.

So if you have any latest information or you had found him anywhere, please act responsibly and contact to the nearest police station, the rewards would give it to you immediately right after he had been arrested.

Latest Information:
29 Dec 2007 (15:20)
There're somebody had spotted "Siao Angku" was loitering around the Airport terminal compound. He's curently updated his blog by using FREE internet facilities in Changi Airport. FBI was now on the way to airport to arrest him before he is boarding to his flight.

All readers are advice to checked back here more often for latest update.

Thank you & wishing you a Happy New Year 2008 :)

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Char Jiu Hoo

Last night I really can't sleep very well... Ended up this morning, my eye's dark circles getting bigger & bigger... Macam Panda like that... The whole night, I was keep thinking & starring right in front my monitor... Who ask me "Bo Thak Check", I even dried off my brain juice still can squeeze any Ang Moh letters out. Luckily, the next day early morning, I finally got an idea and I started to write this resignation letter:

To my dearest BOSS,

You know why I want to resign?
Since I worked for you for that long, my life had a big changed totally. This periods, I'm busy like a "Siao lang"... no time go makan... no time go "Pang Sai"... the worst, I even got no time to update my blog!

When I don't have time to blog, my readers hate me!

When my readers hate me, they don't visit to my blog anymore!

When they don't visit to my blog anymore, my page rank will drop!

When my page rank is dropped, I become "Buih Song"!

When I "Buih Song", I'll eat a lots!

When I eat a lots, I'll definitely get fat!

When I get fat like a pig, it will affect your company's image!

When your company's image is affected, your business become no good!

When your business no good, you'll become very "kek Sim"!

When you very "Kek Sim", you'll also eat a lots!

When you eat a lots, you'll surely fatter than me! Just like a big fat pig hanging around in the office... hahaha!

You see, BOSS. I was indeed a super good employee you can't find anywhere else in this world, What I did for your is really for your own good, because I care for you BOSS.

Lastly, kindly please accept this letter as formal notification that I am leaving my position RIGHT NOW! Since I'm keen with my decision, there's no way for you to ask me to stay, so just let me go lah!

P/S: I still remember what my mother had teaching me when I was small, she told me to repay with other people's kindness always. Thank you so much for the opportunities you have provided me during my time with the company, so this time I gonna treat you to have this as my token of appreciation... Nah!

A plate of Jiu Hoo (Cuttle fish) I specially fried for you... YeeHaa...!

Sincerely your,
Ang Ku Kueh
27 December 2008

My Mobile Wallpaper

Dear Laksa Gien,

So sorry being late to reply with your tag... Here you go my mobile wallpaper... There's nothing special... no char-bo... no sexy panties... no naked photo... and even there's also didn't have my big head photo. I just only put my Volunteering Organization Logo. Here you go :)

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

When Buddha meet Jesus (Part 2)

I was inspired by few of my PGHK Buddies, so I try to come out with some conversation between Buddha & Jesus when both of them meet up during Xmas day :)

Jesus: "Hey ya man... what's up"

Buddha: "Yo... check it out, I'm fine neh (Shaked head)"

Jesus: "I got Xmas neh, why you dun have?"

Buddha: "Who say so, vesak day is my big day."

Jesus: "I got Xmas tree"

Buddha: "I also got bodhi tree"

Jesus: "I got Santa claus"

Buddha: "Hmm... I got [Kuan Im Ma]"

Jesus: "My Santa claus drive Snow Sleigh... hohoho"

Buddha: "haha... My [Kuan Im Ma] lagi best... She Sit on [Lian Hua] ler"

Jesus: "I got Xmas presents, you sure have nothing... neh neh neh bu bu!"

Buddha: "you're wrong man, I got oranges, flowers & [Ang Ku Kueh]... haha"

Jesus: "Aiyoh... It's wasting of time lar argue with all these nonsense"

Buddha: "Yalah... Eh Kawan, we go to Mamak Stall want or not?"

Jesus: "That was good idea, then I treat you drink special [Kopi-ccino]"

Buddha: "I also belanja you with my hand made A-neh-neh [Teh Tarik] OK..."

Finally Both of them sit down and had tea together and talk like a long lost best friends.

When Buddha meet Jesus :)

Yesterday was Xmas day... I believe there's many of you had enjoyed with those yummy Xmas foods & also received lots of Xmas presents.

For me, I also got a very difference & meaningful Xmas day this year. Xmas eve, I didn't go out countdown for Xmas, I prefer going to bed around 10pm. It is because I had to woke up earlier the next day.

On the Xmas day morning, I woke up around 7pm. After get myself everything prepared, then I headed to our temple - FoGuang Shan S'pore for the Amithabha Buhhda's birthday chanting ceremony. Hmm... I feel It's very interesting because most of the Christian would go to Church for a special prayer, mean while there's some Buddhist like us also share the joyness & get this opportunities to go chanting in the temple during everybody's off day... While Christian praise their lord Jesus, we're keeps recited Amithabha Buddha's name.

My mind started to calm down when I was first stepped into the main shrine. The decorations also seems very nice, thanks for the effort to few of us who complete the task together. The ceremony start from 9am until 6pm.... After we're chanting for whole day... Everybody seems very tired but we're all can feel the peaceful & happiness deep inside our hearts :)

Hmm... I wonder if one day when Buddha meet Jesus, what would their conversations about?... Who know? :)

Monday, December 24, 2007

Stupid Xmas Song

Hey Friend.... It's Xmas eve... Let's sing some stupid singapore xmas songs which I just plug from a humorous website called Have fun & enjoy... haha :)

(to the tune of ‘Jingle Bells’)

Jingle Bengs, Jingle Bengs
Jingle all the way
Oh what fun it is to squat
And then shout, “Wah lau eh!” (Eh!)
Jingle Bengs, Jingle Bengs
Jingle all the way
Oh what fun it is to squat
And then shout, “Wah lau eh!”

Hooting down the road
And piah-ing down the street
Later go Geylang
And get something to eat
Geylang is damn tok kong
‘Cos down every lorong
You’re sure to find things all night long
To make you si beh song (Eh!)

(Repeat chorus )

(to the tune of ‘Santa Claus is Coming to Town’)

You better buy now
You better now buy
You better shop now
I’m telling you why
GST is coming to town

It will increase your bills
By seven percent
Courtesy of the go-overnment
GST is coming to town

It’ll hit you when you’re shopping
Whether food or household wares
It’s just no use complaining ‘cause
Those Gah-men just don’t care

So! You better buy now
You better now buy
You better shop now
I’m telling you why
GST is coming to town

Flower oh Flower...

As there's a Great Chanting Ceremony held in our temple tomorrow. So there's a few volunteers including me started busy with the altar decorations during the past weekend.

It's so worried for me because I had been told by venerables that few of us had to do some flower arrangement which will gonna presented to buddhas during the ceremony...

It was quite headache for me when I look at those bunches of flowers in pails. I never done this before... No choice lar... Die Die also had to come out with the flower patterns by using our own creativity since being nominated by venerable...

But right after we had completed our task, I begun to feel very excited when seeing those flowers had been arrange nicely. We all enjoyed very much during the whole process. I had been addicted to it now... gosh...

Share with you all my one & only virgin (oppsss... It should be my first try) flowers arrangement photos... Here you go... Taddaaaa :)

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Happy "Dang Chek"

Thank you so much for the well wishes from all of you. I was resting at home today, my condition are much stable right now, just still have some minor fever & flu only...

When I came across Hainamkepui's blog, I was just realise that today was actually our Chinese "Dang Check" festival. Hmm... I haven't eat those "Kueh Ee" yet (I cannot eat those since I'm in the way to recover). I just can only eating those colourful pills as my "kueh ee" this year... Never mind lar... I still can have it anytime when I recover later.

Since It's a big traditional event for us to get reunion with families... to bad I was away from hometown, but I would rather log off now & make a phone call to my dearest family members. Till then, Wishing all of you have a enjoyable Dang Check festival :)

Updated Post:

I finally got chance to enjoy eating "Kueh ee" yesterday, which freshly handmade by venerables at our temple... Its was so nice & creative with those mixture of colors... It was just look like a marbles... Love it so much... haha :)

Friday, December 21, 2007


I was feeling terriblely unwell today... I had been caught by a damn heavy fever... my tempreture was rising higher & higher... Gosh 39.8 degree... very dizzy... sob sob... :(

I'm going for doctor's consultation during lunch time, although I had been given M.C., but I still need to work in office. There's no choice for me since my collegue already went for his oversea vocation. Luckily my boss was kind enough, didn't ask me to do anything... He just need someone to standby in office only. So I just nap for quite a while just now...

But please don't worry, I would be going home right after 6pm... so tired & sleepy... maybe was my medication's side effect... Going nap for another round... hopefully I would recover as soon as possible, because I'm going for my travelling trip in HK soon... I'll post again when I'm much better...

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Hurray.... Xmas is coming

There's few more days for Christmas... Sharing with you with some photos I taken from a Xmas Sales Bazaar in Singapore. Wishing all of you a Marry Christmas & Happy New Year 2008 :)

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Personality Test

Hi Buddies, did you know yourself well? Here's some interesting drawing test to get the result. You only need to draw a house & follow the questions step by steps to complete the task.

Below was my results:

You are sensitive and indecisive at times. You are good at making friends and when the joyful moment arrives, you make the most out of it. You are shy and reserved. If you've drawn a cross on each of windows, you always want to live alone. Once you have a problem, you need a friend with you. Your life is always full of changes.

You will avoid being alone and seek the company of others whenever possible. You love excitement and create it wherever you go. You see the world as it is, not as you believe it should be.

You added a flower into your drawing. The flower signifies that you long for love. We also see that you are sensuous, sexual, and privately passionate. You don't think much about yourself.

It's just so much fun, hope you also enjoy the test ;)

P/S: There would also have another fun test called "Draw A PIG"... Go try it!...oink oink :)

Married.... not Married?

So sorry for the late posting, It's had been very busy recently. Well, last night I manage to get myself a copy of Feng Shui book 2008, I was interested in the 12 Chinese zodiac horoscope column. According to the book, coming year I have been "Cheong Tiok" against "Tai Sui", which mean every things in 2008 were not very smooth lar... I had to be very careful with my speech, mind & act... I might try to control my bad tempered & less argue with ppl... I must aware of this...

Surprisingly, when I read until the Loves column, the Feng Shui Master advice that there was a Love Star called "Hong Yan" shine for thos who born in 1978, which means for those who is currently singled might be Marriage in coming year, if not had to wait until 2010 then can found your truelove. But for those who had already married had to be careful also, because the chances to get a third party involve would be very high, They would easily trap into dilemma of a love triangle.

Dun worry, I'm not the kind of person who was blindly follow with what the book said, It's would just a reference only & I won't take it too hard. Siao meh... you thought wanna "Kahwin" so that easy meh... How to maintain a relationship in such a short period? summore wedding no need $$$ meh... Unless if there is oneday I over drunk then "something happened", that's "belakang kira" lar.... Since now I'm still enjoying my single life, I can do whatever I want, I can also go wherever I wish... Maybe few more years later when I'm get myself ready, then I would probably trap myself into a "Life Prison"...who know? hehe :)

Friday, December 14, 2007

Yum...Yum... Taiwanese Foods

Last Monday, as I was able to meet up with Ah Leng at town area for dinner. Since the time was getting late, and our stomach ware also started making noises, then I suggest to have Taiwan foods as our dinner. Without any delays, so we headed to one of the Taiwan Local Food court (Peng Lai Ge Taiwan Delight 蓬莱阁台湾小吃) near Bugis.

I loves to eat at that place each time when I by passed Bugis, there are a varieties of dishes you can choose from and you would also found there's Something special which you won't get to eat anywhere else in Singapore. Hmm... Come! Let's see some delicious Taiwanese foods we had ordered:

Lu Rou Mian (Minced Meat Noodles)
The minced meat are from Sam zam bak (mixture of fats and meat) and smooth and fragrant, with the sauce oozing from every mouthful of noodles, must try it if you have chance to dinning there :)

Rou Song Dan Bing (Chicken Floss with Egg Crepe Snack)
If you like to eat the Bread Talk's floss bun, I confirm you also like this one alot!!!! It's much like "Poh Pia" which using egg crepe filled with Chicken floss, fried eggs & vegetables. The taste was really good...Its My favourite also!

Zhu Tong Ruo Mi Fan (Bamboo Sticky Rice)
The ingredients were similar to "lor mai kai", but they gonna steamed the rice in a bamboo. The taste was very special & fragrance. But too bad I found that the rice was a bit "teng Kok-Kok"... :(

Yan Shu Ji (Salted crispy Chicken)
A mini pieces of Chicken Fillet fried till golden brown & topped with mixture of chille Pepper powders. Taste very nice, it's crispy at outside but softer from inside. You would gonna try this also, strongly recommended.

Oh Wah Mee Sua (Oyster Mee Sua)
The special unique sauce of this mee sua is very starchy and to me it sort of taste like shark fin soup!! So if you don't have money or had never tried shark fin soup before..You would gonna try this :)

Peng Lai Ge is a Taiwanese eatery that is opened by a actual Taiwanese. They have a sign inside the restaurant saying that they serve best hometown dishes and the most authentic Taiwanese food. If you do not have a chance to visit Taiwan, it is a chance for you to find out how Taiwanese food taste like.

I would definitely visit there again to trying some others of yummy Taiwanese foods... I'm Loving it... Muackkks... :p

Thursday, December 13, 2007

2008 New Year's Resolutions

This morning when I visited to Ah Hoon's Blog notice that she was currently work out on her 2008 New Year's Resolution. I found this is quite meaningful so I decided to came up mine:

Firstly, I wish that I would able to travel to several of my dream places in Asia, such as Hong Kong, Bangkok & Taiwan. This can easily achieve, you just only need to spend more on your Money & Time will do...

Secondly, I'm also wish to change to a brand new working environment. Since I had work as G.D. for almost 5 years already, I didn't want to stay at a place for that long, coz if I stay in my current work place longer, ended up I would learn nothing. I think 2008 Is the best time for me to upgrade my working experience. (P/S: My resignation letter had been ready with me, will straight away give to my boss right after I getting my BONUS! Ne Ne Ne...Bu Bu)

Thirdly, I would also wish to get a driving licence here in Singapore. Although the public transportation here was very convenience, but I feel that it would be much convenience for me if I can drive here, because it's important for my coming new job. Beside that, I can also bring those "Mei-Mei" go "Jiak Hong" anytime...haha! (Joking only lar).

Last but not least, I wish all of my Families, my friends & my readers as well, May you all free from any sickness & stay healthily day by day... Also for those who had been dreaming for making/winning/earning Big Money, Yes... may your wish come true & "Huat Tua Chai"... (Sound like CNY greeting like that... hehe).

Sincerely wishing all have a Great & Happy New Year 2008 ;)

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

PageRange Checker

Just now when after lunch, since I got nothing to do, and I remember Ah Leng told me before about my blog's Page Rank. So I just try it at Google PageRank Checker

The steps to activate the PageRank checker are shown below:

Step 1: Submit a the exact and valid URL (web address)

Step 2: Include a correct anti-bot code shown on the image

Step 3: Click "Generate Now" button to go on

and the result is:

OMG! I really can't believe with my eyes... Wow!!! My blog's PageRank got no.3 ler... It's unbelievable!

Here's some result for others popular website:

But anyway, I would like to take this opportunities to express my gratitude to all of my blog's readers, no matter you're my families, my buddies, my friends, my regular readers or even someone who bump into my blog accidentally... Thank you so much to all of you for your continues support, Arigato Gozaimatsu :)

P/S: Just curious that how should I do if I wish to increase my site's ranking more higher? or Should I post with my "Hot & Sexy" photos more regularly... like this?

PGHK K-session @ SG

Since Ah Leng was now in Singapore, then I get this apportunity to invite those PGHK members who staying in SG for a mini gathering last Saturday. The event took place at Kbox near Orchard Road.

Surprisingly one of our "Old Bird" was in Singapore too, I believe you all still remember him - Kuan Kong. For those who didn't know him, might go to listen his "Puak Kiu" story @ Penang Hokkien Podcast.

Although not much of them were turn up, but very happy can meet up with some new listeners like AL & BH. Both of them were Penangite as well. They started listen to PGHK since begining of this year 2007.

We're enjoy chatting, makan-ing & of course everyone favourite - Karaoke-ing. Hopefully there would be more & more social gathering for all the supporters of PGHK in SG, Hmmm... I had to work hard on that :)

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Photography Sharing

Last Weekend, Ah Leng, Kuan Kong & I had visited to one of the well-known Buddha Temple in Chinatown. The environment there were very unique & beautiful... Especially the roof top garden there, It's very peaceful & Zen... We had snapped many photos over there, It's also my first time play around with my new camera. Hope you enjoy on these photos :)

Monday, December 10, 2007

A date with 881 Goddess

A very well-known getai's host Liu Ling Ling had visited to our temple yesterday. She had a live performance by singing some of the popular "techno" hokkien songs which can be found inside the movie 881.

When she was having a rest at the best stage, I had an apportunity to ask for her signature on my brand new 881 movie DVD & movie Soundtrack. She's very friendly & a very humor person, She even ask me to take photograph together with her... what a surprising... I was feel like dreaming like that... But overall I feel very happy & enjoyable during meet up with my favourite local getai artist in such beautiful Sunday :)