Wednesday, November 14, 2007

My Hometown - Kangar

I had been missing home badly nowaday, It's already 3 months since my last visited to my lovely hometown called "Kangar" (or "Kayang" in hokkien) last August.

Kangar is the state capital of Perlis, which located in the most northern point of Peninsular Malaysia. It is believed that the name Kangar was origined from a species of hawk named Kangkok (in Malay) or Spizaetus Limnaetu.

Although new building can be seen, but Kangar still retains much of its old world charm. The mixture of old and new shophouses, and has an elegant colonial State Secretariat Building and clocktower from the 1930s. Beside that, there's a few major landmarks like: EPF Tower (the tallest building in Kangar).

Kangar was also knowns as a business center in Perlis which trading mainly in seafood, rice, sugar, mangoes and other local fruits. Beside that Kangar was surrounded by lush green fields or golden yellow padi, ripe for harvest.

There's one you cannot missed when you travelled to Kangar, feel free to visit our "Pasar Malam" (night market) on every Wednesday. Pasar Malam is an open-air market which you could see those hawkers stalls located through out the road. It's was very popular in town because from there you could buy as many on local foods, local fruits, cloths, home appliens or even some cute cute stuffs.

There are also some places of interest found nearby Kangar:

Gua Kelam, Recreational Park

Gua Kelam, Kaki Bukit refers to the 370-metre long limestone cave at the small town of Kaki Bukit. Its name literally means "at a foothill (Kaki Bukit) lies a dark cave (Gua Kelam)". Access to the cave is by way of a suspension bridge. The uniqueness of approach, as well as the experience of walking along the bridge, make a visit to this place an intriguing and adventurous experience

Tasik Melati

Tasik Melati is a small but picturesque lake located in a partially marshy lowland about 8 kilometres north of Kangar. The lake is shallow. More than 150 sandbar-islands may be seen all over the lake. Sampans can be rowed to these tiny "islands". Elevated walkways are also found over the waters of the lake, providing vantage viewpoints and seatings for visitors. There is also a parameter walkway as well as telephone kiosks and toilet facilities.

The Snake & Reptile Farm

Perlis is noted for its large population of venomous snakes, the limestone caves and crevices offering the best of natural habitats for the slithery creatures. The Snake Farm at Sungai Batu Pahat houses a large collection of 23 species of live snakes in large open-air enclosures. In addition, there is a crocodile and a fish pond.

Padang Besar

This is a border town. It can be said with some degree of truth that Thailand and Perlis merge in this town, because the border is unseen although the relevant signboards and cheek - points bear testimony to the fact. The town is also the major stopover from rail travel to Thailand. Beyond the rail tracks is Pekan Siam - a bargain hunters' paradise. Besides agricultural goods, duty free shopping is also available in Padang Besar The town is filled with all shades and designs of textiles, footwear, handicrafts, decorative items, foodstuff, souvenirs, fruits and much more.

Welcome all of you to my lovely hometown - Kangar. I'm sure you'll be having lots of fun & great memories as well. Selamat Datang :)


Anonymous said...

Wah... never visited kangar before lor. Your mangoes pic very nice. Gua kelam similar as batu caves? haha. Thanks for promoting your hometown. Good knowledge for me..

Joze Foo said...

Do we need passport to enter Padang Besar? i know thos who lived in perlis or Alor Setar can enter with their i/c..

David (AKK) said...

Yes... It's called "Harum Manis",
It's very well known in Perlis oh... :)

You no need to climd so many stairs to enter Gua Kelam... You'll surely can see some unique view inside the cave :)

Yes... overall Passport needed if you really wish to cross over to Thai border.

But for those who live in Perlis, Kedah & Kelantan, just only need to apply for "Border Pass" which valid for 6 months.

Are you planning to shopping there kah? hehe :)

jepunlauee said...

wa,I also hope to vist there oneday..want to amkan those juicy mangoes...heheh

Joe Lim said...

Been a long long time never been to Kangar liow.Last time used to dropped by at Kangar whever wanna go to Padang Besar and Hatyai.Since the new link of North-South Highway can direct to Kayu Hitam and Thailand seldom used PAdang Besar so no chance to passed Kangar liow.Maybe AKK when you back to Kangar u can organise a trip for us to visit you there and bring us around.

Anonymous said...

AKK.... Harum Manis mangoes are the only type of mango that i eat. I guess i need to go there to hunt for the mangoes...

David (AKK) said...

Ah Tox,
Yalor... Nowadays ppl who going to Padang Besar much lesser liao, coz There's a new Highway in kangar which can directly link to bukit kayu hitam liao...

Sure, I'll plan for it... so excited :)

Jepunlaoee & Charbour,
Haha... you both memang Mangoes lover... My grandma kampung still have these mango trees, feel free to visit me in Kangar, Then I'll bring you all over to pluck it directly from the tree... hehe :)

Joze Foo said...

oh..Kelantan oso can ar... like this next time if need renew i/c i can go back Kelantan renew so i can apply border pass...heheh

David (AKK) said...

Oh... your origins state is Kelantan ar?

Joze Foo said...

oh...not my origin state...i stay there when i was young. I had an uncle there running my grandpa motel and my dad's urn was somewhere in between kota bharu and thailand.

David (AKK) said...

Oh I see, so you going there frequently ka?

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