Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Singlish Joke

Dear buddies, So long I didnt post my Ang Moh written liao.... I found a funny Singlish joke which would like to share with you. Here you go :)

Once upon a time, there lived an ant and a grasshopper. The grasshopper does nothing else but jump around and play. On the other hand, the ant is so hardworking, looking for food all day long and store them in it's nest.

Looking at his hardworking friend working so hard, the grasshopper ask, "Hey, Ant! U dun have to relax ah? Always busy one. Come and play with me lah. "

The ant replied, "I can't lah i have to store all these food."

"Haiyah! Relax lah. Why u bother storing all these food? When u hungry den go find lah." the grasshopper told the ant again.

"Eh,cannot lah. I have to standby for the coming winter season. Then I no need to panick mah. I think u oso must standby u know." the ant telling his friend.

"Where got time. I go play better. U wan store food u go ahead lah. I continue playing ok. bye!" And hop goes the grasshopper.

Some time later the two friends meet again. "Hey Ant! U still haven't finished storing food ah? Last time all the food all go where? So fast finish ah?" asked grasshopper.

"I got keep but all overdue liao. So cannot eat anymore. All because winter not here yet. Now i have to go and look for new food." sighed the ant.

"But ant ah. U dun mind i ask ah. Did u ever have a thought that Singapore where got winter? you veli Sotong lah!" ask the grasshopper again.



Akira 思胜 said...

Haha, that is very funny man!!!! Welcome back for your English post! Hehe...

Joze Foo said...

ahahahhahaha......miss your blog in English!

Constance Chan said...

thank you akk for this angmor post. appreciate it alot.

thanks for sharing too. light up my day..