Wednesday, October 31, 2007

My Dreamed DORAEMON's Car!!!

Yesterday I had bump into Tokyo Motor Show 2007 website, & I found there's was a concept car called [Nissan Pivo2], Its shape much like my favourite cartoon hero: Doraemon... I really like it very much, my collegue laugh at me & said that its was actually "Char Bor Chia", I don't really care about that!

But I'm just curious whether would it suitable to be drive in Malaysia? If "Suey Suey" kena hit by other cars, would it become "Ham Chim Peng"?

I believe that kind of car's prize also not very cheap lor... No $$$ buy, can see it here also not bad what... hehe :p

Here's some description about my dreamed Doraemon car:

[Nissan Pivo2]
Nissan introduced the first PIVO concept two years ago here in Tokyo, and perhaps what's most surprising is that they decided to build a second one. The PIVO2 looks like it’d be a perfect mascot car for a baseball team, with its spherical passenger compartment sitting on a 4-wheeled platform.

The wheels can be turned in any direction and the passenger compartment itself can spin 360 degrees. Each wheel is fitted with an electric motor with power coming from advanced lithium-ion batteries. Not only is PIVO2 friendly to the environment, it also takes care of its driver.

A "Robotic Agent" is fitted into the dashboard that recognizes the facial images of the driver, providing not only useful information for vehicle operation, but also "speaks to you to cheer you up or to soothe you accordingly." Don't look for this car driving down public roads anytime soon, but its quite popular here in Japan.


Constance Chan said...

i read tat the nissan can even tell when the driver is feeling sleepy by studying the eye movement too. think it was either on tv or in the news, lately..

David (AKK) said...

Wah... really anneh powerful ar...
yes now are very hot in town to talked about all these concept car :)

K3ViN said...

wah what a nice car......