Monday, February 18, 2008

Ah Lian - The Beauty Pageant

One Day, Ah Lian was really really lucky enough, being selected to represent Singapore in the Miss Universe competition. It is now the final round of the Miss Universe Pageant and left only 3 finalists, Miss USA, Miss Malaysia and Miss Singapore are being asked 3 simple questions:

MC: The first question is name me an electrical appliance starting with "L"

Miss USA: Lamp

Miss Malaysia: Light bulb

Miss Singapore (Ah Lian): LADIO

Judge: Alamak! No, radio does not start with the letter "L"

MC: I am going to give you 2 more chances; The next question is name me an animal starting with the letter "L"

Miss USA: Lion

Miss Malaysia: Leopard

Miss Singapore (Ah Lian): LABBIT

Judge: Fuyoh! Rabbit does not start with the letter "L" lar...

MC: I am going to give you one last chance, if you answer this question
incorrectly, you are disqualified.

Name me a fruit starting with the letter "L"

Miss USA: Lemon

Miss Malaysia: Lychee

Miss Singapore (Ah Lian) was now full of confidence, smiles and says: LIEWLIAN !

This is not the end of the story, the Judge consulted the board of judges to determine if Miss Singapore should really disqualified; and they decided that since Miss Singapore was having as many problems with the letter "L", the decided to give her another chance.

Judge: OK, the final question is name me a human anatomy starting with the letter "L"

Miss USA: Lung (applause)

Miss Malaysia: Liver (even more applause)

Miss Singapore: LAN CHEAOW!

Judge: ARRRGHHH!!!! (the Judge was really fall down from chairs this time)


Angie Leo said...

haha~ damn funny! so much ah lian's series..

ah lian si beh ho liao!!

Dragon said...

see this before lo...... but still funny!!!! haahahahahaha. :)

Akira 思胜 said...

wow, it is funny ler...

nice to be here... is a funny and good blog...

do visit me also...

Kikey Loo said...

haha.. is funny..
SG english really like that one mah??

David (AKK) said...

Yalor... my blog makes Ah Lian become popular liao... :)

Yup... This was old jokes... I just re-post it again nia...

Nice to see you here, I had linked your blog on my blogroll liao & will visit there more often ;)

Yalor.... Singlish very "Chiak Lat" eh... sometime beli funny lo... haha :)

Constance Chan said...

hahah heard this long long time in my teens also...

Sue said...


David (AKK) said...

Ah Hoon & Laksa Gien,
Haha.. It's an old jokes actually... I believe most of us heard it before :)

K3ViN said...

i hear tat b4... still a very funny joke... thanks 4 sharing....